Dear Friends!


We have an extraordinary honor for our Hungarian Association.

Our World Federation leader Ashihara International Karate Organization (AIKO) Shihan Dave Jonkers has allowed our country to organize the 2018 AIKO ASHIHARA KARATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP.

We have promised, with all of our knowledge, we will be organizing a high-quality AIKO World Championship that will enhance the reputation of our country and international ashihara karate. Together with „Ashikara Karate Public Sports Association in Likócs”, we jointly organize this high-profile sporting event in Győr, one of the most beautiful cities of our country.

We would like to see all the contestants and foreign delegations visiting our country would go home with beautiful memories. I am pleased to announce the legendary Hungarian hospitality and the world-class competition organized by our country.


We are here to welcome you to AIKO ASHIHARA KARATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2018 to Hungary, Győr.



Shihan Hartyányi Attila 5. Dan

downloadable documentation: AIKO Kumite Competition Rules 2018

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