AIKO KIHON Ashihara Karate Sports Camp, Netherlands, 30/06 – 01/07/2018

Hollandia 2018.06.30-07.01.

We’re finally back home – these three days were intense. From Hungary, 11 karatekas and 2 supporters attended the International Sports Camp in Netherlands.

Alltogether 140 persons from 7 countries attended this great event, organized by Sensei Marc de Roodt. The organization was outstanding – we all had a good time. Hereby I would like to thank my friend Marc for the open-armed welcome.

During these 3 days we participated in 12 various trainings. Besides the International Ashihara Karate style we had awesome Cardio Boxing, Yawara Jutsu, Tsu Shin Gen trainings as well.

I was greatly honored by Shihan Dave Jonkes, Leader of the Ashihara International Karate Organization who acknowledged my work – I received the 5th Dan. Thank you Shihan Dave Jonkers for the trust You put in me!

This high recognition is not just my merit – it is the result of our joint efforts, our convergence.
I would like to thank my students, masters, coaches of the Hungarian Ashihara Karate Association for their devoted and loyal work!

The AIKO Ashihara Karate Organization reflects the requirements of strict and tough examinations by the fact, that on the 2nd day, after the 9th training of 2 hours, the first 2 hour long part – technical and fitness – of the Kyu and Dan examinations started.
2 fighters from Hungary attended the exam: János Bárány 2. Dan for black belt – 3. Dan (VIK Secondary School Sports Association) and Ciprián Füleki 3. kyu for brown belt – 2. kyu (Likócsi Ashihara KSE)

A little bit tired, but excited nevertheless due to the adrenaline, the participants met the exam requirements on a high level. The last but one trial of the day was the brutal paced sabaki kumite – self-defense without stopping where several fighters attack the candidate, who has to defend him/herself and fight back without being defeated. Sweating, short on breath, the candidates did their best to „survive” the relentless attacks.
At the end, candidates for the black belt had to prove their toughness by breaking wooden planks.

There were three more training sessions on the 3rd day, then the fighting examination began, which our candidates also managed to complete.

Ciprián „Cipi” Füleki withstood 26 knock down fights without resting – though he had been „beaten up according his belt grade”, he happily stepped out from the fighting arena, knowing that he had completed the last trial. Successfully accomplishing the 2. Kyu Exam, he is entitled to wear a brown belt from now on.
Age does not mean decline in toughness and János „Bari” Bárány proved it! At the age of 52 he had to complete 50 battles without a rest! Continuously overwhelmed by tiredness and pain he reached the 50th fight – the last major fight we fought together.
According to our traditions, the last fight is being fought between the trainer and his disciple. This is also a great honor for master and disciple alike -the disciple reaches a higher level, withstanding the punch and kicks, and his master is honored by the fact, that his disciple yet once again has reached a higher level.
This is a weird case between us – we are almost the same age, both of us are black-belt masters, but the master-disciple respect is still present between us.
We have agreed that in this case we will not deviate from our strict traditions and János will also receive the „beeting according his belt grade”.
I was astonished, and therefore I greatly respect him, that at the end of the trial he had gathered all his strenght and unleashed his remaining power, showing that it is not the age but the heart that counts, if you feel, like you are at your end. We did not spare each other – János proudly stepped down from the Tatami.

If you want to achieve your goals, your age will never be the obstacle – it is the willpower, guided by your heart, that counts. János did not receive any handicaps due to his age – either during the technical and fittnes part or in the fight, he went „all in”.
With his strength, endurance and willpower, he accompished the requirements of the 3. Dan and earned the rank of Sensei.

Sensei János Bárány successfully completed the examination for the 3. Dan!


Shihan Attila Hartyányi 5. Dan,
Branch Chief
President of the Hungarian Ashihara Karate Association

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