Report 6th AIKO SUMMERCAMP Holland 2018

6th AIKO SUMMERCAMP Holland 2018

Report 6th AIKO SUMMERCAMP Holland 2018

Already the 6th edition of the AIKO summercamp organised by Sensei Marc de Roodt and his staff and although the wheather circumstances were extremely hot ,140 participants of this event fullfilled a busy program of 12 trainingsessions during this event.

The training included Ashihara International Karate, Cardio Boxing, Yawara Jitsu and Tsu Shin Gen divided over this weekend with finally the Grading part of participants from kyu- and Dangrades.

Atilla Hartyanyi, Hungarian Branch chief was promoted to 5th Dan for his work in the organisation.

A meeting was held in which the coming events and future plans of AIKO were discussed.
We will have a busy scheme this year with several camps and seminars and one of the highlights will be the World Championship AIKO in Hungary on 3th of November.

Sensei Marcel van den Berg will be in charge to inform all countries and their Branches about the timetable and further information required.

The results of this year’s Grading:

Sebastian Tims

Gavril Nestor, Mitchell Grebe, Gheorghe Apostel, Ben Paans, Luca di Palma, Guglielmo Barone

Janos Barany, Vanessa van den Berg

AIKO congratulates the candidates with their efforts and we’re really proud on our standards in promoting. Hard preparation, high standards, dedication and loyalty to our style.

The next international Camps will be in Hungary, Turkey, Russia and finally the autumn camp in Holland.

Thanks for the support and commitment to our involved members.

„If we keep our eyes focused on development and if we moving forward together, success will take care of itself

Osu ,

Dave Jonkers Shihan , July 2018

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